Why have you never heard anyone call themselves a TV Marketer?

  • On September 19, 2017
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Why have you never heard anyone call themselves a TV Marketer?


It feels like everyone’s a digital marketer these days.


We can’t seem to get enough of digital marketing, whilst we’ve all had our fill of old fashioned ‘traditional’ marketing. Which makes sense on one level – We all have smart phones and other digital devices, exposing us to search engine and social media ads on a daily basis.


eMarketer predicts that digital ad spend will overtake traditional TV advertising in 2017.


Television global ad spend is forecast to continue to decline in 2017, whilst Mobile Internet ad spend is set to increase by 6.5%. We’re spending more and more on digital marketing and spending less and less on traditional marketing channels – it’s undeniable. Traditional marketing including TV, Radio and newspapers are denounced as archaic and overpriced.


We all know the story.


But there’s something strange happening. Marketers aren’t just marketers anymore, no, many of us now call ourselves ‘digital marketers’. It sounds completely normal; we’re used to people describing themselves as digital marketers.

“Hi I’m Steve, I’m a digital marketer, I’ve got a 3D printer”. But think about it, before ‘digital marketing’ became a thing, had you ever heard someone describe themselves as a ‘TV Marketer’? No.

Ever heard someone say, “that’s Debbie, yeah, she’s a TV marketer, she’s got a flat screen”? Nope. That’s because we’re starting to put the channel on a pedestal, when really, we should be channel agnostic until we know the facts.


No one can deny that digital channels are great.


They’re cost effective approach and will continue to dominate marketing. Small companies on a modest budget can now cast a huge and accurate net. Not to mention the targeting possibilities are awesome; How many customers clicked the link? Who was searching? Want a young and affluent prospect base for your meal subscription brand? – no problem – there’s a Facebook Ad for that.


So what’s the problem?


The problem is that by calling ourselves digital marketers, or saying that we’re ‘digital first’ we’re committing to this channel, before we’ve even considered what works best for our business. And what works best is often no specific channel and no preferred medium.


Who really knows if an advert on Snapchat during the super bowl has a bigger impact on your bottom line than a tweet. Is it better value? That’s the debate we should be having as marketers. What’s nuts is how little is still done on digital channels to understand incremental uplift driven by these campaigns. Is last click attribution really the best way of identifying the impact of an email abandoned cart prog? Where are the hold back controls? Where is the accountability for these channels?


The best marketers figure out what works, not just what’s on trend. And the very, very best marketers combine the best of both worlds, like combining Direct Mail’s conversion power with Programmatic targeting capabilities. Now there’s an idea…


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