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  • On September 10, 2019
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Property Agency

Paperplanes drive a 70% uplift on abandoned valuation bookings for a leading UK online property agent.


The Problem

One of the UK’s leading online property agents, approached Paperplanes to improve conversion rates for property valuation bookings. The problem the estate agent faced was that despite having a high influx of visitors requesting face-to-face valuations online, a number of visitors were dropping out of the process before completing a valuation booking.

The previous abandoned valuation strategy was to email potential customers right after they abandoned, but this activity had started to show a decline in recovered bookings over recent months. As a result, the company was looking for a more responsive, automated and innovative strategy to engage with abandoned customers and increase conversions.


The Solution

Paperplanes partnered with the online property agent to implement a programmatic direct mail campaign that automatically generates a piece of personalised, physical media, sent daily to site visitors who had abandoned the valuation booking process.

The campaign is personalised by using the visitor’s individual valuation journey and the location of their property, encouraging the visitor to return and complete the valuation booking online.

The creative mailed is locally dynamic, includes the relevant area pricing and all the details of the customers’ nearest property agent. The design was kept simple to make it quick and easy for customers to read and respond.


The Results

By targeting customers in a timely, physical and relevant way, abandoned valuation results improved dramatically.

The property agent saw an uplift of over 70% on valuation bookings after customers received a piece of mail, as well as a 12% reduction in the number of valuations subsequently cancelled.

The campaign is delivering exceptional results, proving that sending relevant direct marketing to customers’ increases conversions and engagement.


“By introducing Programmatic Direct Mail from Paperplanes to our marketing strategy, we have seen significant improvements to our abandoned valuation booking numbers. As a result of sending direct mail triggered by those abandoning an online valuation booking, we have seen an uplift of 70% of people returning to book a valuation with us.” 
Head of Direct Marketing, Online property agent. 


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