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Get to know the Paperplanes team

We are Dan and Steve.

Between us we have 20 years’ experience of turning smart, actionable insights into relevant, personalised marketing.

We love relevance in our marketing. It reduces waste, improves engagement rates and boosts customer lifetime value.

We also love direct mail as a channel. Even though it is rarely used for personalisation it provides a direct route into your customer’s home.

“We founded Paperplanes on the belief that there was a better way for marketers to utilise direct mail in 2020.

That is to take best practices of digital retargeting to trigger content overtime that can be continually optimised, then utilising insight and analytics to enhance performance further.”

Our approach means you don’t have to waste the Earth’s valuable resources reaching out to vast amounts of people with bland, generic messages.

Instead we allow you to tailor messaging to customers with pinpoint accuracy on a channel that gets noticed. That is why we see conversions 15/20 times stronger than digital alternatives.

We are as passionate about personalisation, smart use of data and relevance to maximise ‘bang for the buck’ as anyone you can find. And we’d love to chat to you about how we can help so give us a call or drop us an email to find out more.

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