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How to make the most of mail

  • On July 26, 2018
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How to make the most of mail

Mail. How often do we get something timely, relevant and interesting? Probably not enough. How many times do you throw a piece of mail out before you even open it? Probably more than you should.

Ok, so marketers all over the country are losing valuable interactions with their audience, whilst wasting valuable money and resource on designs that aren’t having the desired effect. If you’re looking to increase engagement with your audience, check out these great hints and tips on how to make the most of mail.



  • Beauty is inside and out

    So why waste valuable space? Make sure your design incorporates the full inner and outer of the letter or both sides of the postcard. Just take a look at this beautiful example from Benefit Cosmetics.




  • Keep it relevant

    Nobody wants to receive a piece of mail advertising something they’ve just bought (prime example below, unless you go through toilet seats weekly). Brands have so much data, and from that, so much power. Make sure you use it correctly. Targeting people with similar items or suitably matched items compared to their purchase history or browsing behaviour IS useful.


  • Clear call to action

    Make the call to action clear and simple. Don’t confuse the customer with too many options. Ever had one of those emails or letters that tell you to do three different things all at the same time but none of them actually get you where you want to go? Yeah, avoid that like the plague.



  • Incentivise

    Who doesn’t love an incentive to make a purchase? Reward your customers with offers that are tailored to their purchase behaviour. A great example of this is 31 Dover’s latest creative that offers the customer 10% off their order, as well as discounts for referring their friends!



Royal Mail MarketReach have a few handy tips for brands looking to transform their direct marketing strategy – you can find some useful resources at

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