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BOTB and Paperplanes

  • On August 11, 2020
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BOTB and Paperplanes

With the Help of Programmatic Direct Mail, BOTB Saw a 50% Higher Return Rate


The Context

BOTB (Best of the Best plc) offers customers the opportunity to win their dream car.

They have been running competitions since 1999 and have given away over £34 million of prizes. Every week there are guaranteed winners, Dream Car, Midweek & Lifestyle competitions.

BOTB was interested to see if partnering with Paperplanes would allow them to engage with clients in new ways, and deliver relevant education at the correct time. They had used DM previously but never to any measurable success.


The Action

Paperplanes and BOTB collaborated to understand the right strategy for programmatic direct mail to drive engagement and sales. Customers were more likely to remain engaged if they came back to play once in 60 days so we decided to test the difference between sending content between 0-30 and 31-60 days.

Paperplanes worked with a sub-set of 6,000 customers that signed up to BOTB to trigger a month 1/month 2 follow up. Would a personalised, educational letter and incentive make a difference after 30 days or 60 days?


The Results

  • 31% of customers receiving the campaign in month 1 went onto play.
  • 26% of customers receiving the campaign in month 2 came back to play.
  • Return rate was 50% higher for those mailed vs those not mailed in the 60-day group.
  • Whereas both campaigns did very well on conversion we also detected incremental revenue on top of incremental engagement from the 60 day group that led to strong ROI.



Previously we tested an alternative approach to Direct Mail without the demonstrable success we were looking for. Partnering with Paperplanes gave us a more dynamic option, allowing us to speak to the right people with content they need, at the right time. Alongside a targeted testing-plan we were not only able to achieve uplift of 50% in the short term but ongoing longer-term impacts too.

Paperplanes are fantastic at making the entire process very straightforward and digging into the data to help us learn and optimize for future engagement with our audience.

Head of CRM, BOTB


You can read more of Paperplanes success stories through our case studies at:

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