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2018: The year that was for Paperplanes

  • On December 31, 2018
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2018: The year that was for Paperplanes

I started writing this blog with the full intent of providing a review on the state of the programmatic industry in 2018, re-evaluating which of my predictions made at the start of the year as part of my article on The Drum came to pass (for those who need a refresh it can be found here However, as I began writing this it appears the path I have actually gone down is more of a personal, intimate reflection of Paperplanes year in 2018. So apologies for the deviation but as it has come straight from the heart I’m going to roll with it. Hope you enjoy.

As the Festive period rolls into New Years now is the perfect opportunity not just to indulge in one too many leftover Turkey sandwiches, Baileys and an abundance of chocolates but also to look back and reflect on the last 12 months. Given the pace at which we work and live it is far too easy nowadays to continue to look forward without taking time to step back and review what you have done. Reflection though is so important for perspective and with the benefit of hindsight it is humbling to think of everything Paperplanes has been able to achieve this year.

From both a personal and professional perspective, it has been a challenging but ultimately exciting year for Paperplanes and Steve and I would like to extend our appreciation to all of those who have contributed and truly made this a year to remember. It has been an honour to see the brand continue to grow through its infancy in 2018 and it fills us with immense pride that our unique approach has helped clients generate stronger levels of return on investment. We certainly would not be here today without the early pioneers that took a chance on Paperplanes and embraced us when others were unwilling to be the first. How encouraging is it now to see those pioneers reap the benefits of true innovation through increased sales and satisfied customers… marketers, don’t be afraid to be the first!

We appreciate the faith and belief of all of those who have supported the vision and proposition and are excited to extend our work into 2019 and beyond continuing to disrupt digital and print all the while adding more value. We certainly wouldn’t be here without friends and family who have encouraged us in the lulls and the key supporters that have believed in us especially at times where we might have questioned ourselves.

From a professional standpoint it is hard to pinpoint exactly what our key highlight has been this year. Every time we help a brand achieve record customer conversion rates never previously seen from their digital retargeting it is a defining moment, recognition and praise which has led to shortlisting for key industry awards has been inspiring, expanding Paperplanes into new markets across Europe was incredibly exciting, and encouraging some of the world’s most well-known brands to utilise Direct Mail for the first time was a privilege. Simply put there have been plenty of highs.

However, with any small operation or start-up there are also low moments and none of the success has come without plenty of toil. Our struggles this year have been very real and of course it hasn’t all been plain sailing. We take great comfort in the fact that we have kept going and can now see and feel the difference we are making. If we were to provide any advice to anyone working on a project or vision they feel passionately about it would be to keep going. The courage to press-on, follow your beliefs and do what you feel is right has helped us to navigate through troubled waters and come out the other side and we are now well and truly stronger for it. I know it all sounds like a cliché but it is so true.

As we gaze into 2019 we see nothing but exciting opportunities to extend our journey and achieve more than what we ever thought possible. Nothing is guaranteed or ever certain in life but we are committed to helping more and more brands see the value that can be achieved through applying their retargeting, digital and direct mail spend in a different way. As 2018 rolled on we have become more and more passionate about this brand and our ability to make a difference. Our confidence is validated by strong results and satisfied clients which has provided the fuel to keep us going when we felt we were running on empty. Once again thank you to all of those who have helped make Paperplanes what it is today and we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2019. One quote to sum up our outlook for 2019?

‘Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads’Dr Emmett Brown, Back to the Future

Cheers guys

Dan and Steve


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