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Why digital ads need to evolve in 2018

  • On January 10, 2018
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Why digital ads need to evolve in 2018

Scale: A Race to the bottom?

2017 was the year the proverbial cat was let out of the bag.

Unlike the murky abyss of self-reflection you find yourself glossing over at the annual family Christmas gift exchange, prominent global marketer Marc Pritchard met his head on, no gloss. Starting the year rallying behind transparency and value. He vowed to hold agencies accountable to contracts and to cut down on ad fraud and misplaced ads. He then cut $100m of advertising spend; the resulting impact on sales? ZERO.


Transparency: It is what it isn’t?

Like the big heavyweight fight of 2017, between England’s Joshua and Ukraine’s Klitschko, digital’s big two suffered bruising knockdowns with advertisers boycotting Google’s YouTube and Facebook admitting to errors in their measurement of campaign performance. The rise of fake news and lack of policing of terrorist content have not helped either!


Value: You get what you are told to pay for?

Influencer marketing, the new kid in school with the flashy new trainers, is now facing increased scrutiny on ROI and exactly why it costs £20,000 for a teenager to spray a can of deodorant on camera so teenage boys and girls can comment with heart emoji’s, angry face, LOL face in equal measure?

I jest of course, but the reality is our primary attention grabbing point of focus has gotten smaller and a lot more personal. In just over 100 years we have gone from the theatre to cinema to TV, desktops to laptops and of course to mobiles. From a grand hall with hundreds of people together clapping to you sat on the sofa, scrolling in your PJs.


Evolution is Survival

In 2018, the approach to advertising needs to follow this evolution to a more relevant, personalised experience with ads created with the medium in mind. For too long we’ve seen ads repurposed forcing square pegs into round holes, extending that budget just enough to hit targets and keep the army of middlemen afloat.

At the expense of sounding like a broken record, data-driven marketing means we are moving towards the right message to the right person at the right time in the right place. Unfortunately for many, scale seems to mean the same message to the same person everywhere. Thankfully, impending GDPR legislation is forcing the agenda on data and a move to actual customer focused messaging.


Art in the Science

Advertising (and marketing in general) is inherently a creative discipline. Over recent years’ scale and data has left production almost emotionless, bar the annual tear-jerking Christmas advert. By focusing on matter-of-fact scale and messaging; ‘you looked at this, so you are interested in this, so click this.’ – As an industry, we have almost forgotten why we do what we do.

If we wanted to work with numbers, incrementally increasing yield at scale through spreadsheets and a screen, we’d all be in finance!

Data should inform creative and ensure the message is served correctly to the right person for the media channel it is to be displayed through. This will ultimately determine the emotional response we want to see drive an action.

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