Why you should treat your customers this Halloween

  • On October 26, 2017
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Why you should treat your customers this Halloween

If you hadn’t already noticed the orange and black themed shop fronts, cobwebs and green gooey sweets taking over shop shelves…It’s almost Halloween!


Last year, Britons spent a whopping £310 million on Halloween.

It’s a tradition that has been on the rise over the past decade in the UK. Think that’s scary? The US spent $8.1 billion on Halloween last year, and it’s predicted to rise to $9.1 billion this year (The Balance, 2017). Jeepers!

Retailers are sitting on a gold mine when it comes to Halloween, and the number of up sell opportunities surrounding the annual event are soaring. Whilst we all seem to love getting into the Halloween spirit, are we, as consumers, being fooled by these ghostly gimmicks?


Don’t trick your customers with cookie policies

New GDPR rules set to come into play in May 2018. So, it’s time all brands started thinking about cookie data. Brands may be able to enjoy a few months’ worth of targeting to these visitors thanks to pixel tracking, but will it make customers feel appreciated or just tricked? Targeting consumers through cookie data is still growing, but customers’ views on this tend to differ from brands’.

With ad blockers on the rise, is cookie related re-targeting as efficient as it once was? By the end of 2016, 615 million ad blocking devices were being used worldwide, with Millennials reported as the highest users of ad blockers (Business Insider, 2017).


Don’t spook your customers with excessive emails

Your customers expressed interest in some items. It could be some special effects makeup, a Halloween outfit for their child or even for their dog. Suddenly, consumers are sent emails that are haunting them about the different products they’ve been looking at, even after they may have made a purchase.

As a business you may think this is encouraging them to buy. However, from a consumer perspective, too many emails are disheartening, and sometimes no longer relevant. Research from the DMA found that 33% of businesses are contacting their customers via email over 4 times a month (Smart Insights, 2017). While there isn’t an “optimum” amount of emails that works for every business, marketers should also consider how necessary these communications are.


Do treat your customers to something special this AW17

Consumers have had a tough time of it lately. Price increases are starting to take effect in retail and grocery stores due to a variety of different economic and political events. Treat them to an exclusive discount or personalised offer that will encourage them to purchase those Halloween items or early Christmas gifts. Research indicates that 54% of shoppers will return to an abandoned basket if discounts are offered (Kissmetrics, 2017).


No tricks this Halloween

Luckily for you, Paperplanes have landed here to help you deliver some treats! We specialise in strategic, completely personalised pieces of direct mail, that are only triggered when your customer has a specific interaction with your brand. You decide, we personalise. Find out more today by speaking to our sales team.

Happy Halloween!


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