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Making your customers feel loved

  • On November 15, 2017
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Making your customers feel loved

There are plenty of ways to share the love through marketing

The industry we work in has moved forward with incredible speed. Looking back at when I first started working in magazines 10 years ago, the times, and capabilities, have dramatically changed. We now successfully collect customer data and utilise it via marvellous, innovative and personalised methods.

As marketers we have the chance to use endless tools and mediums to talk to our customers in relevant and timely ways; just look at businesses like Wonderbly. They use NASA data to personalise storybooks for kids! Or, look at how Natwest speak to their customers – they actually tell you in advance by looking at your activity that you’re spending too much (or maybe not enough). They will then offer you products or services more suited for your activity there and then. They don’t wait for you to hit your overdraft or credit limit, as the case may be.


What do we define as “too much”? 

As Experian state in their 2015 report Personalisation in Marketing “there is no more ‘one size fits all for customers’.  Their report is also subtitled ‘Where’s the line between ‘cool’ and ‘creepy’?’ and that’s the trick to making your customers feel loved – both in your marketing and in the actual customer proposition.

You can create amazing, relevant, individual communications, but if you send them at the wrong time or by the wrong medium you may as well not have sent them at all. In fact, they can do more harm than good. According to the report, 69% of consumers are contacted daily via email from retailers. Just imagine how out of control this can get when a consumer is signed up to 10 + retailers (guilty)!

Constantly clogging up their inbox with emails is not the same as paying loving attention. It works in other ways too; sending someone an email saying happy birthday is not the same as sending a card…

Saying ‘Dear Mr Dempsey’ at the top of a direct mailing and sending it 3 months after I’ve visited your site, is not the same as sending me a DM a couple of days after I’ve looked at those trainers and including cool, value add, product info.


Getting the balance right…

Now we’re certainly not suggesting you stop sending emails, we all know how effective they can be, but it’s time to think about getting the balance right for different channels of communication (and the frequency of these).

It’s simple really. Love your customers by understanding how involved in your brand they are – talk to them in a tone of voice at intervals that make sense based on that.

Finally, invest in your marketing as you wish your customers to invest in your business – don’t expect a marketing medium that costs half a penny a view to be as effective and valued as one that costs 50p.

Do all of the above and your customers will love you as much as you love them.

P.S. Paperplanes can help you! Get in touch with the team today to see how programmatic direct mail can help your customers feel loved this Christmas.


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