The Drum Predictions Breakfast: My take-outs

  • On January 30, 2018
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The Drum Predictions Breakfast: My take-outs

I was lucky enough to attend my very first predictions breakfast hosted by the Drum last week, and as a business, we were fortunate enough to be selected as panellists for one of the key sessions discussing the power of programmatic technologies. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint! With the key topics including programmatic, customer experience and ad tech, the morning provided a lot of learning for marketers like myself. Here are a few takeaways from the event…


GDPR is still confusing

Unsurprisingly, GDPR was brought up a lot during the breakfast session, and it soon became apparent at just how many businesses are still unsure about what to do around the new regulations. Many admitted that they haven’t yet begun to even think of how tackle this mammoth task. With much discussion about data now being defined as a currency, queries were also raised about what the definition of a fair value exchange is. I suppose the question is, do we truly accept the internet as a relevant service provided in exchange for our data, or would we prefer a stripped down less relevant version that doesn’t utilise PII?


Advertising needs to evolve

Consumers are irritated with the lack of transparency in retargeting and the over-frequency of these adverts appearing during their time online. And it’s not just the consumers that are getting concerned, marketers and ad providers are questioning why advertising rates are increasing but results are falling.

2018 is certainly the year that programmatic ad tech needs to evolve. Last year was full of talk on how changes should be made, but now is the time to put these into place. The panel acknowledged that marketers need to think more about the type of content being shared with their audiences, perhaps considering a softer sell in their messaging to end users.


Customer experiences are key & metrics are meaningless

Customer experience was a main topic for the third and final panel of the morning. As the conversation evolved, it was interesting to see how many businesses seem to be overlooking the importance of reviewing the customer experience in their route to market. The panellists and audience all agreed marketing platforms should be built around the consumer needs rather than unjustifiable generic KPI’s.

Time and time again I hear people saying that they need to hit 100,000 clicks or x amount of views. But what do these really mean? We all seem to be so hung up on these metrics and KPI’s, however, they don’t always give true pictures on performance. Many argued that metrics need to be adjusted to fit each individual use case, and in some industries can’t be bench-marked very easily, and I have to say, I completely agree.


Programmatic capabilities need to be pushed

So, what does this mean for brands? The keys takeaways are that the way in which brands are using programmatic capabilities to market their products and services can certainly be improved. The GDPR regulations should protect consumers from intrusive, unregulated usage of customer data,  and give providers the opportunity to re-think their routes to market. New technologies (like our own) that use 1st party data with the consumers at heart can open up new opportunities for marketers and increase conversions. Combining the old with the new is never a bad thing, and most importantly, it’s good to break away from the “norm” and think about what actually works for business and consumers on an individual scale.

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