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We combine the latest digital marketing technology with one of the country’s largest industrial printers, to deliver programmatic direct mail. Imagine a letter that you know your customer would want to read. Imagine if it could write and send itself, at the very moment you know your customer would want to read it. That’s programmatic direct mail. And that’s what we deliver.

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5 Steps To Trigger Programmatic Direct Mail

Set Campaign Objectives

KPIs determined and campaign objectives agreed.

Tag Key Pages

Install tags to track user journey, targeting pages viewed by the customer.

Upload Assets Simply

Access the internal portal to upload your customer lists and product assets.

Direct Mail Triggered

Programmatic direct mail triggers, landing with customers 48 hours later.

We Report On Performance

Access real-time insight and detailed campaign analytics.

5 Paperplanes campaigns to choose from

A customer browses a section or multiple sections of your website signifying intent to purchase products.
Paperplanes collects information based on what the customer browses but does not make any purchases.
Programmatic personalised communications are triggered automatically. Relevant direct mail is sent to the customers home.
This direct mail communication encourages them to go online to purchase or even go in-store if applicable.
The customer has loaded the basket but the sale has not been converted causing the initiation of direct mail.
It is crucial to follow up in a timely fashion. Remind your customer of what they were browsing or provide incentive to purchase.
Physical personalised direct mail will be sent to the print press on the same day an action is identified.
Days after the initial browse the customer is followed up with a relevant personalised communication.
You’ve won a new customer. Perhaps they have signed up to your mailing list or have purchased a product.
Have they gone through to conversion? If they did buy, did they view other items? Are there other products that compliment?
Paperplanes triggers either a ‘thank you’ for purchasing postcard or a ‘recommendations’ mail to inspire for follow up purchases.
You quickly encourage new customers to purchase or spend an increased amount on your product or service.
How do you win back a lapsed customer who has unsubscribed from key communications channels?
There are several lapsed indicators that can be triggered automatically to initiate a follow up plane.
Paperplanes work with you to identify the relevant lapsed definition for your business and follow up with lost customers.
Direct mail is triggered providing great levels of cut through and providing great incentive for the customer to re-engage.
Loyal customers spend more, purchase more frequently and are responsible for the majority of your sales.
Loyal customers don’t need to be bombarded with communications. they need the right offer on the right product at the right time.
Trigger personalised mail content for the loyal customer based on their stage of the customer journey.
If loyal customers have signed up to your CRM, provide offers to thank them. Free shipping, welcome packs, discounts etc.

Personalised Paperplanes Land With Customers

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What Makes Paperplanes Work?

Multi channel Capability

Responsive across all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Easy Campaign Set Up

Simple design campaigns that meet your objectives.

A/B Testing To Aid Learning

Understand your optimal message and campaign type

Results Shown In Real Time

Review detailed results in real time to aid fast learning.

Return On Investment

Invest in capability that generates stronger returns.

Dedicated Account Support

Our team will be there for you, to make sure you have all you need.

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